I have experience; do I still have to start entry level?

Yes. We believe that strong leaders lead from the front. Having served in every position within our management training program, our managers show their people a willingness to get their hands dirty and do the work alongside their team, not just coach from the sidelines.

How quickly can I get promoted?

6-8 months.

Are you currently hiring?

Yes. By guaranteeing our clients 100% ROI, we are able to experience unlimited growth. Because of this, we are always keeping our eyes open for qualified candidates.

Is this a commission only position?

Absolutely not. We compensate our employees with a weekly base pay plus uncapped commissions and additional bonus incentives.

What does Elite 10 Marketing do?

We are a marketing company that performs outsourced sales and advertising on behalf of our Fortune 500 clients. Instead of our clients using their own internal sales force; they hire us to do it for them.

Is training provided?

Yes. Our management team has a full training program setup for Account Managers. Information covered in training includes: service and product knowledge, sales and marketing techniques, public speaking, leadership and management.

Why is your form of marketing effective?

Our clients are in the service industry, meaning their profits come from retention, not just sales. While standard forms of media advertisements sell products, they don’t build loyalty. Through our face-to-face sales and marketing approach we build rapport, establish trust, and create personal relationships which pave the way for long-term customers. We have increased profit margins, customer loyalty, and overall market share for our clients.

What is the company culture like?

As our clients demands keep growing so do we, and that is something to be excited about. We also are very goal oriented, and believe others should be too. Competition makes people better and we want to be the best.

Is it true that I have to do face to face sales?

Yes, and here’s why: Sales is the basis of all business, and in order to truly understand business, you have to develop a deep understanding of sales. By training our people in face to face, direct sales and marketing, we prepare them to become major players in today’s competitive business environment. 100% of our managing partners began at the entry level in sales and marketing, positioning them to understand and empathize with the day to day challenges of their associates and developing them to be effective managers.

Is Elite 10 Marketing a growing company?

Absolutely! We are rapidly expanding into other cities across the US. With integrity and professionalism Elite 10 Marketing maintains existing customers’ accounts and acquires new customers for their major client.

What is the pay?

The pay is different for each position. Starting off entry-level everyone receives an hourly base and has the ability to earn commissions. Your starting pay is contingent upon your background and experience, thus determined by our hiring mangers during the interview process.

Is Elite 10 Marketing a pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing?

Elite 10 Marketing is not a pyramid scheme nor do we participate in multilevel marketing. We do not have you pitch the company idea to a friend or family member to buy in. We also do not require any start up costs to join our team. We have a guaranteed weekly base pay structure with added commission and bonus incentives.

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